Who am I? What’s my purpose? Is there anything special about me?

Every day we are called to seek first the kingdom of God. We are called to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind. But what does that look like? How do we find our place in His kingdom?  Who has God created, intended, and even empowered each of us to be?

It’s never too late to start this journey.

I started this blog as part of my own journey.  I’ve been asking myself, “What can I do to help the kingdom?”  My aim is to encourage, advise, and share.  I was once in your place. I still am.  I struggle to seek God first and want to share everything I learn with you. We were meant for community. We are meant to do life together. Will you join me?

More about me: I’m a newlywed at 32. I enjoy event planning, reading, and finding adventures with my husband. Occasionally, I even get a little crafty.

I welcome helpful and classy discussion and topic ideas. Feel free to comment or contact me directly using the contact form.


March 2017