Change. It’s hard. Many of us rebel against it. Sometimes it can be exciting, though. It brings new things into our lives. Often, we know nothing about what’s coming and when we don’t know something, we can become fearful. Even when it is exciting, we can be apprehensive about the unknown. We tend to feel like we need to know in order to feel in control. It makes us feel secure.

I once heard some great advice: Give yourself permission to not be in control.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we can’t and don’t control, or know, everything. It’s ok if we don’t have it all figured out or have our hands in every situation.


a). God has total control so we don’t need to. Trust him. He knows what you are going through. He already knows the outcome. Keep seeking Him and He will take care of everything. The key is to be willing to follow His plan, not ours. It’s ok not to understand His actions or answers, but we do need to trust and follow Him.

b). We are meant to rely on others. We were made for community. We can’t do life alone and expect to have a full and satisfying life. And I think this goes beyond a significant other. We need groups of people to come alongside us in all times of life, not just the hard times.

I’ve found both of these to be true in my life. I’ve also learned, if I am constantly seeking after a relationship with Christ and striving to follow what He wants for my life, there is nothing I can do to screw up His ultimate plan for me.

Let me say that again:

If you are actively following God, there is nothing you can do to screw up His plan for you.

Take comfort in this. Sure, your choices may change the path you take, but that won’t make it the wrong choice. Or maybe you’ve hit some rough times between you and God. If you have made amends, work everyday to have a relationship with Him, and do your best to follow Him going forward, He will put you back on the path He has for you.

I’m losing my job. That’s a big change with many unknowns. My current place of employment is closing and I will be without a job very shortly. It’s scary to think about what the atmosphere and people will be like at my new job (when I find it). I’m also concerned with money. Will we be ok on my unemployment? My husband and I are hoping to find a place of our own later this year. Will my unemployment affect what we’ve saved for a down payment? It took me forever to find my current job, my first full time job. What will happen if I don’t find one quickly? Many, many what ifs.

Despite all these unknowns, I have peace. I know it will work out. God has always taken care of me, even financially. We also have friends and family to support us. We know they have our backs with prayer or meeting other needs where possible. So even if I don’t find something as fast as I’d like, I know I and my husband will be just fine.

This may be the opportunity needed to put me right where God wants me.

What are some lessons you’ve learned through change? What has God revealed to you?


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